Ectorius was seen as a meerkat in the Phantom group, with code VPM003. After Phantom members founded Elveera, Phantom was thought to have become the dominant male of the newly founded Elveera group. Then on August 25,1997 he left Elveera and teamed up with 4 evicted Young Ones females(Igraine,VYF003,VYF004 and Jubulani) and founded Frisky. Ectorius became the dominant male and Igraine took female dominance. By October Igraine gives birth to four pups and later on kills VYF004's litter. Then in January of 1998 a Lazuli rover named Delpheus roved at Frisky and Ectorius chased him off and then a an Elveera male named Orts roved but dominant male Ectorius chased him off. Ectorius remained dominant at Frisky until in 1998 on October 1 when he disappeared.

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